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Enjoy a Safe TV Wall Mounting Service in Dubai, With Wires Neatly Tucked Away

Book your TV wall installation service

Get in touch and share what type of TV (Plasma, CLD, HDTV, etc.) you own. We will then confirm your appointment and dispatch the right handyman for your needs.

Have everything unpacked and prepared by a professional

A trained and experienced technician will arrive to carefully unpack the contents of your box and help you pick the optimal location for your brand new TV unit.

Receive a safe and insured TV wall mounting

The professional will securely mount your TV to the wall with either stock or custom (multi-positional, flat-to-wall, tilt & swivel, etc.) wall mounting brackets.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Your Fast Handyman Dubai TV installer can hide all cables from view inside plasterboard/brick walls or within D-Line trunking to help you achieve the ultimate cinematic experience.

TV Wall Bracket Fixing Services in Dubai

☑ TV Wall Fixing
☑ Fixing Curtains
☑ TV Wall Brackets Fixing
☑ Hanging LED TV
☑ Fixing LED TV
☑ Changing LED TV Brackets
☑ Fixing LECD TV
☑ Changing LECD TV Brackets
☑ Assembling & Fixing LED
☑ Assembling LED
☑ Changing TV Brackets
☑ Emergency LED Fixing
☑ Assembling LCD Brackets
☑ LED TV Brackets
☑ Repair & Fixing LED Brackets
☑ Indoor Wall Mount Light Fixtures
☑ Trx Wall Mount
☑ Wall Mounted Towel Rack
☑ Wall Mounted Surge Protector

☑ Outdoor Wall Mount Oscillating Fan
☑ Videosecu Tv Wall Mount
☑ Punching Bag Wall Mount
☑ Wall Mounted Ladder
☑ Wall Mounted Ladder
☑ Tv Wall Mount 50 Inch
☑ Wall Mounted Tv Ideas
☑ Changing LECD TV Brackets
☑ Wall Mounted Mug Rack
☑ Wall Mounted Laptop Desk
☑ Wall Mounted Jewelry Holder
☑ Wall Mounted Trash Can
☑ Wall Mount Sound Bar
☑ Lightsaber Wall Mount
☑ Wall Mount Pellet Stove
☑ Wall Mount Swing Arm Lamp
☑ Vizio Tv Wall Mount
☑ Wall Mount Tire Rack
☑ Wall Mounted Mail Organizer

Book handymen for TV mounting and cable trunking

Trusted local handymen who can work with a variety of TVs and materials:

Enjoy the benefits of the Fiixer TV installation Service Dubai

For a reliable, affordable and professional Tv Installation Wall Mounting Service in Dubai

  1. We send a fully insured professional within 2 days of your initial request
  2. We carefully unpack your unit and help you choose the best location for a wall mount
  3. Install wall brackets to your chosen position while safely mounting your flat television to the wall
  4. Tune in your TV and wire any other existing equipment
  5. Installation of your new home cinema or sound bar system upon request
  6. Making sure all wires are neatly tucked away
  7. Tv Installation Wall Mounting Service In Dubai
  8. All sizes: small (under 42”), medium (from 42” to 64”), and big (above 64”);
  9. Types of TVs: LCD, Plasma, 3D, LED, Smart TV, HDTV, Home Cinema;
  10. Brands: Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Philips, Sharp, Panasonic and more;
  11. Types of TV brackets: multi-positional, tilting, flat-to-wall;
  12. Types of walls: brick, stud, plasterboard, masonry, concrete and partition walls.
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  17. Home cinema systems and home theatres;
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  21. TV Wall Mount Fitting Service Dubai
  22. Home audio systems, sound bars, and much more!
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The Best LED TV Brands

Sony,Samsung,LG,Panasonic,Toshiba,Philips,Sharp,Sanyo,Hitachi,TCL,JVC,Hyundai,Haier,General Electric,Ikon Type To give you a fixed price we need to know the size of your TV and the type of wall it will be mounted to. For plasterboard walls first we inspect the wall to see if it can hold a TV. The wall can be reinforced with wood and then the TV is mounted on the wood. Tv Installation Wall Mounting Service In Dubai

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to supply you with TV wall brackets?

Yes, you should. Usually, your TV manufacturer will include these inside your product’s packaging. In case they aren’t included, it would be best if you purchase the right model for your TV. Occasionally, we can provide the brackets for you if we know the exact make and model in order to avoid any complications. Keep in mind that their price will be later added to your total Tv Installation Wall Mounting Service in Dubai cost.

Do I have to do anything prior to my handyman appointment?

Please check if the TV (and its stand, if you have one) can easily fit inside the desired spot in your room. A few other pre-service requirements can include:

  • Checking if there are enough electrical sockets and if they are within reach;
  • Checking the type of wall where the TV will be mounted on;
  • Tv Installation Wall Mounting Service in Dubai
  • Ensuring that you have all the accessories you need (cables, brackets, etc.);
  • Having somebody else meet the professionals for you in case you are away.

Where should my TV be wall mounted?

If you’re unsure of where to place your TV, your television installer will gladly assist you with finding the optimal spot. There are 3 things to keep in mind here: the power outlet’s accessibility, the location of wall studs (used to properly support the weight), and the place where you want to sit while watching a movie. Also, a tilting or swivel TV mounts may be just the thing you need if you want better control over adjusting the view. Tv Installation Wall Mounting Service in Dubai

Are my walls suitable for wall mounting a TV?

Robust walls made of brick or concrete are just fine for your Tv Installation Wall Mounting Service in Dubai. However, walls made of plasterboard or lath are not optimal for a TV wall installation as they may not be able to carry the weight. That is why your handyman will always inspect your walls first before performing the service. If you have plasterboard walls, the expert can reinforce them with wooden panels before mounting the TV on top.

Can you mount different types of brackets on my wall?

Just say the word and the experts will arrive with the right tools to mount your TV and safely conceal any stray wires to ensure your hazard-free, thriller-packed evening. The diligent specialists can install products by virtually any wall bracket manufacturer, namely: Sansum, Omnimount, Duronic, Vogel's, Ultimate mounts, Ross, VonHaus, Peerless, AVF, One for all, Proper, Sandstorm, Lumi, Meos and many more.

Will the handymen bring their own tools and equipment?

All Fast Handyman Dubai specialists will bring a range of tools, including:

  • Files and screwdrivers;
  • Drills and sealant guns;
  • Fixtures and fittings;
  • Level;
  • Raw plugs and dust sheets;
  • Cable clips and sleeves;

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